Throw back Thursday

Is TBT really still a thing? Not sure but its a good excuse to post some of my earlier work. I love to look back and get inspiration from myself. Sometimes I just want to paint the same thing again or I will look back and think I could change that, and redo that, and why didn’t I paint it like that………

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Havana comes to Key West

The connection with Cuba is getting greater and greater. More artists are crossing the straits, both ways and connecting via the arts. Last night at the third floor gallery at TSKW, (The Studios of Key West) , Havana Cuba artist, Tomayo,  showed his most recent art. It was well attended and an interesting mix of people and art.

“The paintings on view at The Studios are Tamayo’s most recent, from a series called Alma del Mar/Soul of the Sea, in which plankton and other microscopic sea creatures have consumed the detritus of contemporary society. Their innards revealed as if by x-ray, some show semi-plausible items like key rings, coins and cellphones in their innards; most are more fantastical, having merged with a handgun, or mutated to resemble the monster from Alien. The result is a powerful but darkly funny statement about the unknown effects of all that we throw into the environment, down to the most basic building blocks of life.”

image image image image image image image image

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Summer in Key west

cropped-cropped-image1.jpg If you ever spent any time in Key west you know most of the year it is a busy tourist town. Summer rolls around and the town quiets down and belongs to the locals. Restaurants and stores are quieter, everyone gets a little bit lazy and hides inside during the heat of the day. Evenings, people are out on their bikes enjoying the tiny bit cooler air. For me it’s a great time to paint without too much distraction of getting prints together and taking care of the business side of my art world. This summer I am focusing on a fun project of illustrating a children’s book. Here is a tease of some of my sketches that i have been doing before I jump into the full paintings.image image

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Pam Hobbs- Artist

imagethanks for stopping by my blog. I am a working Key West artist. I came to Key West after graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in the late ’70’s. Overwhelmed by the color and beauty of the Keys, I use this tropical paradise as an inspiration for my imagery and color. Taking chances at every opportunity, I love to give my viewer a glimpse into how I think the world should be seen, with swirling skies, bright colors and bold shapes. I find Key West and the Keys an endless source of inspiration, and it seems there is always a new painting waiting to jump on to the next canvas. So stay tuned and check out what I am looking at and what I am painting. Thanks for looking and liking my work enough to follow me and sometimes make my art part of your world!

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My newest painting

Here are three photos of the progression of my latest painting “Sandy’s” It is 18″x24″ gallery wrap on beautiful linen. Notice how the sky went from sunset to mid day…..I felt there wasn’t enough contrast.

image image image

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New Studio….new blog

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