Pam Hobbs- Artist

imagethanks for stopping by my blog. I am a working Key West artist. I came to Key West after graduating from the Kansas City Art Institute in the late ’70’s. Overwhelmed by the color and beauty of the Keys, I use this tropical paradise as an inspiration for my imagery and color. Taking chances at every opportunity, I love to give my viewer a glimpse into how I think the world should be seen, with swirling skies, bright colors and bold shapes. I find Key West and the Keys an endless source of inspiration, and it seems there is always a new painting waiting to jump on to the next canvas. So stay tuned and check out what I am looking at and what I am painting. Thanks for looking and liking my work enough to follow me and sometimes make my art part of your world!

About hobbsart2015

Artist, living and working in Key West
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7 Responses to Pam Hobbs- Artist

  1. Great start, Pam! Looking forward to your posts…

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  2. Hey Pam great start, I will be following your newest adventure.

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  3. Mary Ellen Doris says:

    I look forward to each new painting. They’re vibrant and alive and, soul quenching. They make me happy.

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