Summer in Key west

cropped-cropped-image1.jpg If you ever spent any time in Key west you know most of the year it is a busy tourist town. Summer rolls around and the town quiets down and belongs to the locals. Restaurants and stores are quieter, everyone gets a little bit lazy and hides inside during the heat of the day. Evenings, people are out on their bikes enjoying the tiny bit cooler air. For me it’s a great time to paint without too much distraction of getting prints together and taking care of the business side of my art world. This summer I am focusing on a fun project of illustrating a children’s book. Here is a tease of some of my sketches that i have been doing before I jump into the full paintings.image image

About hobbsart2015

Artist, living and working in Key West
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  1. Pamala says:


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  2. Great photos Pam, your site is looking really great!

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