Havana comes to Key West

The connection with Cuba is getting greater and greater. More artists are crossing the straits, both ways and connecting via the arts. Last night at the third floor gallery at TSKW, (The Studios of Key West) http://www.tskw.org , Havana Cuba artist, Tomayo,  showed his most recent art. It was well attended and an interesting mix of people and art.

“The paintings on view at The Studios are Tamayo’s most recent, from a series called Alma del Mar/Soul of the Sea, in which plankton and other microscopic sea creatures have consumed the detritus of contemporary society. Their innards revealed as if by x-ray, some show semi-plausible items like key rings, coins and cellphones in their innards; most are more fantastical, having merged with a handgun, or mutated to resemble the monster from Alien. The result is a powerful but darkly funny statement about the unknown effects of all that we throw into the environment, down to the most basic building blocks of life.”

image image image image image image image image

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7 Responses to Havana comes to Key West

  1. Margaret Hunt says:

    Well darn. We were at the art studio the night before with the ghost tour. We could have gone to the reception. It was hard to see the art with the lights on dim. Lol. We are off on the Food Tour today. Maybe we will stop by after the tour. If we are not too hot and too sweaty!!

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    • hobbsart2015 says:

      You will love the food tour. Say Hi to Analise from me.
      Stop by, anytime in the afternoon. My studio is up on the third floor. 533 Eaton. They close up around 5

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      • Margaret Hunt says:

        Super. We may stop by today. We were talking about it. We were sad we missed the show. Great place for a studio. Any ghosts?! Lol. I drove by there yesterday when I went to check on weird spots on some photos I took on Eaton the night before. The spots were not on the houses. At least in daylight.


  2. hobbsart2015 says:

    Please do stop by. As a mater of fact David Sloan and a group were in my studio a couple of weeks ago with their ghost buster equipment and they picked up a spirit named Jesus with a thick Cuban accent!! So every day I play cuban music for him and greet him as i enter!!


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      You are braver than I!! I would probably NOT ever go in my studio again alone. What can I say. I am Irish. The banshees and little people stories as well as haunting a abound in our family. Loved the food tour but we were so worn out and tired we did not make it by the studio as intended yesterday. Soon I hope!! Sunset at Mallory Tonite.


  3. Margaret Hunt says:

    Bumytw my sister got a weird pic of slanting light by the elevator on the third floor. It was not when she immediately took another photo. Wonder if it was Jesus??


  4. Margaret Hunt says:

    Autocorrect bumytw! 😕what the heck??


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